A great editor comes straight straight straight down if we get too mechanical or bogged down with unimportant details on us like a ton of bricks

Where you should have sexual intercourse (aside from the, uh, obvious)…

Every scene features its own balance that is particular of, internal ideas, action, and description.

The exact proportions of every element might vary for different POVs, genres, scenes, amount of temperature, etc., however they are always current.

Why then, for the love of all plain things Taylor and Seraphina, do we forget this guideline in terms of intercourse scenes? Why do we matter your reader towards the (often literal) blow-by-blow description of exactly exactly just what Seraphina is performing to Taylor and the other way around?

It is painfully very easy to allow a sex scene put on “Insert Tab A into Slot B” territory whenever all we concentrate on is really what parts of the body are pressing other areas of the body. Weiterlesen